Monday, November 16, 2009

i made you this

today, while i was biking to work, a leaf hit me in the face.  so i finished making this november mix for you.

this is something i'm thinking about doing every month - because i enjoy making mixes, especially ones with themes and/or moods.  this one's theme is "november, sortof, but really just things i've been listening to lately or have seen live in the past month or so."

i hope you enjoy it - and let me know if you do...because i'll definitely keep making these if people will listen to them.

Bitches and Tigers November Mix (click that to download)

track listing:
1. denison marrs - heavy laden
2. you can be a wesley - stuck in a battle
3. david bazan - please, baby, please
4. laura veirs - to the country
5. mum - sing along
6. thao and the get down stay down - easy
7. noah and the whale - shape of my heart
8. toro y moi - new loved ones
9. bahamas - already yours
10. marry a thief - olivia taylor
11. magic magic - french song
12. dead man's bones - paper ships

i might come back later and write more about the songs.  but for can be a wesley and magic magic are boston, toro y moi and marry a thief are columbia, laura veirs is the fall, and bahamas is beautiful.

enjoy?  enjoy!