Wednesday, February 3, 2010

playin' yourself like accordion

a new mix, yo.

i just got back from vegas, and somehow failed to get rich OR married.  i can't help but think it would've been different if sinatra was still around.

anyway, this mix is loosely vegas-inspired.  start at sinatra, end in hell, all haze and bleeding red lights in between.


1. frank sinatra - my funny valentine
2. air - playground love
3. danger mouse/sparklehorse/jason lytle - everytime i'm with you
4. cinematic orchestra - all things to all men
5. madvillain - accordian
6. richard swift - lovely night
7. nick drake - at the chime of a city clock
8. wheat - body talk (pt 2)
9. marry a thief - old enough
10. phosphorescent - my dove, my lamb
11. starflyer 59 - too much fun
12. starflyer 59 - days of lamech
13. danger mouse/sparklehorse/flaming lips - revenge
14. sleigh bells - 2hellwu

 (i hope you) enjoy it.  maybe save it for solo night-driving, if you do that sort of thing.

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