Thursday, September 3, 2009

happy anniversary, y'alllll

Boston and I are celebrating our one-year anniversary this week. Maybe today. Or possibly yesterday. But probably tomorrow.

(neither of us are very good with dates)

But we show our love in other ways. My love languages are quality time and physical touch, I think. But it's usually pretty hard for Boston and I to work out the whole physical touch thing, what with her being a big city and me being a small boy - so we decided we'd celebrate the big one-year with quality time together. Her gift to me is putting on some ridiculously amazing shows, and my gift to her is buying myself some daaaaamn tickets. Which I did today.

Henry's gonna miss me for a few nights. But we'll snuggle to make up for it.

The tickets Henry's holding, in order of how-mother-fucking-incredibly-excited-about-them i am, from first-to-last-but-last-isn't-really-last-because-i'd-still-sell-a-close-friend's-kidney-to-go-but-only-if-they-still-had-two-and-didn't-have-a-family-history-of-kidney-problems are:

Dead Man's Bones

Man, doesn't that guy look like Ryan Gosling? Well, that's because it is. It motherfucking is. Their first show ever is going to be at the Middle East Downstairs, complete with a choir and a talent show and general awesomeness. I'm going to meet Ryan Gosling, and our conversation is probably going to go something like this:

"Hey man, I'm not gay or anything, but...I think I love you." "I...I know exactly what you mean. I feel like I want to live in your arms forever." "You know what...I just had this crazy thought. Why don't we get married???" "Oh shit, that's totally legal here - let's do it."

It doesn't matter who's who in that conversation. All that matters is that we get married and shout our love from the rooftops.

Thao and the Get Down Stay Down with the Portland Cello Project

We're going to fall in love and get married. That's all. Forget what I said about Ryan Gosling.

Amy Millan

She's playing at the Middle East Upstairs, capacity 194. Amazing.


awwwwww, shit y'allll

Rain Machine

Rain Machine is Kyp Malone from TV on the Radio. And he's going to be at the Middle East Upstairs, and it's going to be great.

David Bazan

Honestly, David Bazan (you know, Pedro the Lion) is actually number two on my list. It's just that (honestly) I don't have a ticket yet. And I feel like I'm not allowed to put him where he belongs until I have some paper in my hand. I saw him back in high school sortof by accident when he was opening for Starflyer 59 under the name "Paperback," with just himself and a borrowed guitar. And it was amazing how the whole bar was silent while he just closed his eyes and sang the saddest songs in the world. Anyway, that was my #2 favorite show of all time (or maybe #1, but I'm hesitant to put anything at #1 ever - because what if there was some other amazingly amazing something that I'm forgetting for some reason?)

If you live here, go with me. If you don't live here, move here. Because I love you, probably definitely.


  1. Dead Man's Bones, October 15th, Le Poisson Rouge

    Sasha, Nicorette, and I will meet you there.

    Bring Brendan and Jenn.


    Seriously, I just watched the Ryan Gosling video. He hot. Please ask him to marry me as well. And I liked that song and video for real.