Sunday, September 6, 2009

more more more

Boston just keeps on giving.  She really is the best, y'all.  I mean, we had that one fight when she kept getting dark at like 4:30 in the afternoon...but we worked through it and I really feel it's made us stronger.  We got a bottle of wine, talked about each other's feelings, and - I swear - will never take each other for granted again.

I thought she was done with all the anniversary gifts.  And I told her "no no no, don't get me anything" (even though I didn't mean it, and kinda had my eye on this amazing brontosaurus lamp).  But she showed up at my door with fun and love.  And I said "thanks, baby, it's just what I wanted," leaving out the rest of the sentence ("except for that lamp, don't you know me at all?!?!").  And I was grateful, I swear.  And that was enough.

But then she brought more.  Anniversary gift pt. II, I guess:

Oct. 21, Somerville Theatre

They're playing at the Somerville Theatre, which I'm pretty sure makes the show twice as awesome.  Hold on, let me check my math...yep, twice.  Twice as awesome.  The theatre was built in 1914 (13 years before the first talkie, damn) and hosted plays, musicals, and - on crazy nights - motion pictures.  Fucking cool.  Oh, and Mum are (is?) great.

Polyphonic Spree
Sept. 17, The Paradise

I legitimately like that song, judge me.  Maybe because it sounds so much like Plankeye plus horns (go to that link, forreal...that song used to make me cry. every. time.).  Anyway, this show is awesome because it's free.  Yeah, I had to sign up for text alerts from Southern Comfort.  But I'm cool with that because, really, what kind of an alert can you get from SoCo?  "ALERT: You could totally be getting drunk right...NOW!!!"  Good point, SoCo.  Good point.

Sondre Lerche
Sept. 13, The Paradise

I don't have a ticket for this one yet, and it's next Sunday...but damn.  I need it.

Maybe I'll update this with things other than shows at some point...but not now.  Because right now my eyes are on fire, and that can't be good for me.

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