Thursday, December 3, 2009

all of my friends are still cool...

i miss playing music.  if you've been reading this for a while, you know that i made a plan to write a 6-song ep this far i have four chords and a few unfinished fragments of lyrics about pirates.

i've been thinking lately about the bands i've been lucky enough to play in, especially two:

the gilded age was some of the most fun i've ever had, when taylor and adam weren't arguing about silly things like chords:

"Don't Look Past Me" (or something like that)

"crystal" (#1 hit single)

but i quit for college.

adam moved to florida to play in woodale, and stuck around for pemberley.

taylor is doing legit recording, and gets to play with marvelous people like steven fiore.

and neal wrote this amazing song, whether he remembers it or not:

oh, and i saw danny at a mewithoutyou show a year or so ago.  he had a beard.

erich skelton used to let me play bass for him, and now he's more awesome than ever:

"Murder" (is a great song)

and mike mewborne (the drummer from my days with erich) is not only a great guy, but a great musician (and - oh look - there's taylor again):


almost everyone i've ever been musically affiliated with has kept doing great things.  and danny has a beard.

all i've got is a half-song written over a year ago, four chords, and pirates.

what i mean is, i'm happy for everyone.  and does anyone want to start a band?

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  1. hello!!?!? you're in a band already. giant little animals. send me some shit so i can lay some drums down.