Thursday, December 10, 2009

periodically, i'm in my element

hey friends.

i actually made a second mix.  i know, i'm surprised too.

i hope no one was expecting any sort of indie christmas mix.  because i didn't make one, for two reasons:

1) not everyone celebrates christmas.
1b) indie hannukah music is hard to find.  believe me.

2) indie christmas music really sucks.  i mean, i love christmas.  and i like indie music.  but they're like brownies and burritos - two things i love, but don't want together.

...actually, a brownie burrito sounds like it has potential.  more potential than indie christmas music, at least.

anyway, i decided to make something i actually like.  just burritos.  or just brownies.  or burritos with brownies for dessert.  whatever.

so here we go, with the bitches and tigers december 2009 mix - songs that were new to me in 2009; songs that float, bounce, jiggle, and make me wish i could rap:

cover art stolen from here

1. modest mouse and ratatat - beat #6 vs. the world at large
2. washed out - get up
3. passion pit - sleepy head
4. chiddy bang - truth (feat. passion pit)
5. the hood internet - two weeks of hip-hop (dead prez vs. grizzly bear)
6. bearbot - stuntin like my only swervin (lil wayne vs. el ten eleven)
7. nasa - gifted (feat. kanye west, santogold, lykke li)
8. major lazer - pon de floor
9. discovery - so insane
10. neon indian - deadbeat summer
11. phoenix - rome
12. kid cudi - the prayer (feat. band of horses)
13. dan deacon - woof woof
14. mos def - quiet dog bite hard
15. mf doom - potholderz (feat. count bass d)
16. jay-z - thank you
17. kid cudi - make her say (feat. kanye west and common)
18. toro y moi - take this
19. animal collective - daily routine (phaseone remix)

(if you have trouble getting it to group right, just make sure you're sorting by "album" in itunes)

i hope you guys like it, i really do.

and look, i know that standard mixing protocol dictates no more than one track by a given artist...but "make her say" is more of a group effort than a cudi song.  so it's okay.  believe me.

if you're tired of your old jamz and this mix ain't your fix, i seriously suggest you download karim's best of 2009 mix.
and steve's summer and fall mixes.  and his blog (don't download the blog...just go there).
and if you're still tired, my november mix is here.

...happy december, urrrbody.

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