Thursday, October 1, 2009

i want to speak at an intimate decibel, with the precision of an infinite decimal (...but i won't)

it's been a while, dear friends.  and life has been busy.

the last week and a half has mostly been occupied by concussions, broken bicycles, criminal charges, and things of that nature.  i won't go into it until after court (nov. 3 at 10:00 am, justice is served), if at all - but let's just say that sometimes people can be amazingly and surprisingly inconsiderate and immature.  and apparently i'm the kind of guy who will go out of my way based on the "principle of things."  hopefully it will be worth it.

in better news, i gave a dollar to a homeless guy the other day and didn't regret it at all.  i always worry about things like that - about being an enabler vs helping someone truly in need, about buying a guy a sandwich vs a hangover.  but i've passed this guy almost every day for a year now, and he was always kind and sunny.  and i saw him in seven-eleven once looking like a kid in a candy shop.  so i stopped and looked into his foggy eyes and told him i appreciated how good his attitude always was.  "that's how it's gotta be," he said.  and he's right, i think.

and it made me think about how i used to buy homeless people food.  and i always wanted to eat with them and talk to them and know them, but i never had the guts.  maybe i'll get the guts.  my friend brian has them, and i admire him for that.

in other news, i'm looking forward to lots of things.

Honk! is happening soon soon soon (oct 9-11).

harvard square's oktoberfest (oct 11) is themed "reclaim the streets for horns, bikes, and feet."  i'm in.

the fam is visiting.

i decided who i want to do my tattoo - alex at fat ram's. i really want it to look coloring-booky - like, childish and vibrant at the same time.  and i think he's definitely the dude to do it.  i know he already has experience with dinosaurs (that's not anything like what i want, but still...).  and check out the sweet detail on this where the wild things are tattoo he did.

duke at east river also seems amazing, but he's not really the style i'm going for.  seriously, though - corn and squid.

coolidge corner is having a midnight showing of the worst movie ever.  they're trying to get tommy wiseau to present it, in which case i'm definitely definitely definitely going to be there.  oct 17.

last (and most amazingly), the felice brothers are coming back to the paradise (nov 19).  i've thought long and hard about it, and they're my favorite live band ever.  EVER.

here's why:

and why again:

awesome, am i right?  everyone go to that show with me.  and honk and oktoberfest and the room and everything else.  and pray or meditate or cross your fingers that the law is real on nov 3, if you don't mind.


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