Saturday, October 31, 2009

swallow the world

last night, biking home at 3:00 am, i opened my mouth.  at first it was just a yawn - one of those giant, mouth-stretching, jaw-creaking yawns - but still just a yawn.  and then i left it there.  open, i mean.  and i imagined swallowing the world - taking in everything around me, and somehow making it a part of myself.

that means something, i suppose.  but i won't talk more about it.

i'm feeling anything but content at the moment.  i feel like everything is too fast and too slow, all at once.  life is speeding by in tree time.

did anyone else love the mary martin version of peter pan when they were little?  i grew up on it:

right now, coolidge corner is my christmas.

and this is how i feel:

sharon van etten - "for you" (she opened for rain machine last week)

and this gets my vote for album of the year:

(thao with the get down stay down - "know better, learn faster")

and i'm trying to let myself be convinced to go vegetarian:

that'll do, i believe.

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